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We believe WordPress is one of the most powerful communications tools yet invented. Over a third of websites are powered by WordPress, and with the right coaching it’s easy to add this valuable skill to your professional toolkit. Whether you want to better manage your own websites, boost your resume and improve access to job opportunities, or train as a WordPress front-end developer to earn extra income, WP Homebase can help through one-on-one training and pre-recorded video tutorials.

No coding experience required.

Host your website with WP Homebase and receive 10+ hours of free training videos. Need extra help? Register for on-demand, one-on-one training and coaching programs. There has never been a better time to learn WordPress and the popular Avada theme.

Our Mission
“We’re on a mission to help people learn to create and manage their own professional WordPress websites. I’ve personally built a rewarding career with WordPress that allows me to earn income from anywhere and be a part of interesting projects that make a real-world impact.”

Here are three reasons to learn our proven WordPress method:

  • With WordPress, you can earn income from anywhere
  • WordPress is a valuable skill for your resume
  • Unlike other content management systems, a WordPress website is something online that you truly own

Sign up for hosting+ today to get access to our video library, and consider a one-on-one course. Working life has gone digital, and now is the time to add this valuable skill to your professional toolkit.

– Kevin Kautzman
Founder, WP Homebase

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Learn No-Code WordPress & the Popular Avada Theme

Laura Strand
Laura Strand
03:08 23 Nov 20
Kevin Kautzman is a fantastic web development coach. He is knowledgeable and helpful and is able to teach an old dog... new tricks! I started out knowing nothing about building a website, but in a matter of months I’m already on website number two. He gives practical tips, tricks, and pointers to fast track the WordPress learning experience. His coaching program is well worth the investment and you will be pleased with the more
Donny Covington
Donny Covington
16:07 07 Nov 20
Kevin does an awesome job of making the process super easy to understand and helps you take ownership of managing your... site pretty seamlessly. Super communicative, and his knack for story telling elevates his advice and suggestions beyond the purely more
Diana Rangaves
Diana Rangaves
15:57 15 Oct 20
Kevin is exceptional with a wealth of technical ability. Highly recommend. Dr. Diana Rangaves. PharmD,... ClinicalConsultantServices.comread more
Katarzyna Glinka
Katarzyna Glinka
15:35 14 Oct 20
Kevin is great to communicate with and very responsive. He also knows how to explain things easily and that's really... important to a person like me who doesn't know much about technical aspect of those more
N. Francois
N. Francois
00:17 13 Oct 20
Adam Elhalaby
Adam Elhalaby
23:58 12 Oct 20
Kevin’s knows what he’s doing and continues to teach me the methods behind the madness to make make the process fun and... easy!Highly recommend for anyone trying to get to know Wordpress for personal or for business. The skills I learned will last a lifetime plus give me an opportunity for some freelance work if I wanted more
Sarah Minor
Sarah Minor
23:31 12 Oct 20
Highly recommended! Makes my life so much easier when it comes to my hosting needs. I had so many issues with my... previous host. Not anymore! If I ever have problems, I know they'll take care of it!read more
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Over Ten Hours of Video Training ($299 Value)
A Complete Course in How to Build a Professional WordPress Website


Follow along with instructional videos and build your own WordPress website while you learn a proven method that will allow you to build not one, but any number of truly professional sites just like the one you’re on now. Learn at your own pace as you create a website that makes an impression. No coding skills required.

FREE w/ Hosting+

Host your website with WP Homebase and get access to over 10 hours of video tutorials, including the complete WP Mastery and Career Kickstart courses. Learn how to build professional WordPress websites using the popular Avada theme at your own pace, and get additional support and training on-demand if you need extra help.

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One-on-One Training


Available with a Hosting+ or Support Subscription

Training sessions via Zoom with a US-based coach usually available same or next working day.

Whatever you’d like to learn in and around WordPress, we can help. Sessions are bookable on-demand and put you in direct contact with an expert WordPress coach and developer who can walk through your questions.


/ 45 Minutes

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Master the Popular Avada Theme

Why hire an expensive and unreliable developer when you can create your own professional website and learn a new skill?  Learn to build your own WordPress website through comprehensive video lessons and five coaching hourlong sessions, one-on-one with an expert, US-based WordPress coach. In this course, your coach will teach you a method to build not one but many professional WordPress websites using the popular and flexible Avada theme. Whatever your goal is online with WordPress, this is a great place to begin. Training includes a free Gravity Forms elite license, a $259 value.


+ Materials
5 Hourlong Sessions

Material costs include a domain name ($15/year), Avada theme license ($60 one time), and Hosting+ ($25/month).

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Master the Popular Avada Theme & Learn to Earn Income with WordPress

WP Mastery plus career coaching – through comprehensive video lessons and ten hourlong one-on-one coaching sessions, learn how to make WordPress work for you for your own business, on your resume and as a freelance front-end developer. Sell your first website projects and grow a new source of income from anywhere with an Internet connection. Training includes a free Gravity Forms elite license, a $259 value. Properly applied, the lessons from this course allow you to pay for the course within a year.


+ Materials
10 Hourlong Sessions

Material costs include a domain name ($15/year), Avada theme license ($60 one time), and Hosting+ ($25/month).

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Why Learn WordPress?


WordPress powers over a third of the web, meaning it’s a valuable skill to have in your career toolkit


WordPress is powerful, allowing even new users to build truly professional websites

Save Money

By learning WordPress, you’ll save on developer costs and empower yourself to build and manage your own sites

Earn Income

With WordPress you can sell anything online, including your services as a WordPress expert

Open Source

Because WordPress is open source, unlike competing platforms such as Wix, Shopify and Squarespace, you truly own your WordPress websites


The WordPress community has developed thousands of plugins to do most everything you can imagine with a website


What Can I Do with WordPress?


Sell Anything Online


Develop & Sell Online Coaching Programs


Add WordPress to Your Resume & Sell Your Services


Develop & Run Online Classes

Lead Generation

Get Leads for New Business


Build a Mailing List

Membership Sites

Create an Online Community


Launch & Promote a Podcast

Your Idea Here

Make Your Vision a Reality

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Start with Hosting+