In 12 years, WordPress has changed the web and the world for the better. Why? Because of its versatility. There’s a reason why the CMS powers about 30% of the websites on the internet.  It started from a blogging platform and has turned into a mammoth multipurpose CMS.  Each  WordPress website has its own plugins and themes. Innovative websites are using WordPress. This blog post will go over five popular websites that use it.

Have any of you heard of It is a tool that runs, secure, and build applications and websites in the cloud. Professionals across the tech sector use this website. IT admins, developers, and creatives alike use it. It’s a web hosting and data control program developed for Windows and Linux-based service providers. Its user management model is suitable for shared hosting, allowing IT administrators to set up new email accounts, establish new websites, and server administration. Plesk International GmbH developed it with headquarters in Schaffhausen,  Switzerland, and Toronto, Canada.  

Its products and services provide an interface where you can do a lot with little knowledge of coding, and it offers robust security protocols. Key features include management and automation of email accounts, domain names, web applications, and more mundane infrastructure tasks. Plesk also provides a vast suite of extensions that makes it easy for users to interact with websites and servers. They are incredibly helpful when dealing with website administration, whether it’s Email, WordPress, or SEO.  Another company that uses WordPress as its CMS is Slack.

Slack Migrated to WordPress

In 2018 Slack moved its blog from Medium to WordPress. The WordPress project, in turn, uses Slack as it’s a communication platform. What makes their blog unique is that it covers everything from how it shapes modern learning and improves cybersecurity and the transition to remote work. Slack is a mammoth multinational company, and it puts a massive effort into maintaining its blog.  Why?

Well-maintained blogs will do wonders for your business. It’s the best way to create customer engagement, and you decide what happens. Many companies rely too much on social media and the SERPS when it comes to marketing. While that is understandable, there are many risks to that approach. For starters, Facebook can quickly penalize your content and ditto with Google. Having a blog helps companies reach their target audience and solve their problems. Even governments use WordPress.

Sweden Uses WordPress

Sweden has set up an official website for facts about the country using WordPress. It’s publicly funded, operated, and maintained by the Swedish Institute (SI), which is a public agency that promotes the country’s interests around the world. On the about page, it advertises that the company built the website on the WordPress platform in cooperation with Soderhavet, Frojd, and 24HR. It has an appealing home page. Sweden’s government is not alone in turning to the venue for its websites. WordPress has nine themes for government websites, ranging from the gov to city gov, pressville, and Republik. That is no small part because many are wary of advertising what their websites are built-on. Did you know that Walt Disney uses  WordPress?

Disney Uses It for Everything

Walt Disney uses CMS for every aspect of its web operations. has a sleek interface where it has information on everything from it’ shop. Disney’s website offers users information about everything, whether it’s company events to philanthropy efforts and career opportunities. BBC America is another popular website that is hosted on WordPress. International news websites are also using them, including BBC America.

BBC America 

While it is not as well-known as other television networks in the United States, it does have a sizable audience. 2017 marked the channel’s most successful on record.

WordPress is how BBC presents its world-famous  TV series and films. .  The website has pages dedicated to movies, shows, episodes, Live TV, and Anglophenia. It’s no coincidence that BBC America has decided to use WordPress for its website. There is no alternative where it would have the same flexibility and variety.


Fortune 500 businesses use it. So do nonprofits, small businesses, and governments.  This is the one CMS that is open source with contributors speaking every language. Companies such as TED, TechCrunch, Disney are just a few of the companies that use it as their CMS. WordPress even has a polyglots team dedicated to localizing themes, plugins, and WordPress core. For most people, it takes five minutes or less to download and install the platform. At the same time, it is not a hundred percent free that applies to most open source projects. It does come close, however, with around 55,000 free plugins. WordPress has it all, so why look elsewhere?